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Your Initial Visit

Your visit will go more quickly if you download, complete and print your initial visit forms prior to your visit to Dr. Campbell’s office. Bring the forms with you for presentation at the front desk.

Your doctor will begin by getting your complete health history, followed by a physical examination. The history and physical examination are needed before your condition can be accurately diagnosed or treated. This will enable your doctor to determine the source of your problem.

A personal consultation will include:

  • A full history and physical exam
  • Formulation of a surgical or non-operative treatment plan
  • Radiological and other diagnostic testing as needed
  • Arrangement for further studies, physical therapy, neurological consultations, or surgery that may be needed.

Your doctor will ask you questions about your pain and symptoms. The information you give will help your doctor determine your diagnosis.

Important questions for a more accurate diagnosis include:

  • When did your pain first begin?
  • Was there an injury that caused your pain?
  • Where do you feel the pain? What is the intensity?
  • Does the pain radiate to other parts of your body?
  • What makes the pain feel better or worse?
  • Are you aware of work postures or other factors that may be causing your pain?
  • Have you had problems with your bladder or bowels?
  • Do you have a family history of similar problems?

After reviewing your medical history and diagnostic testing, you will be presented with a diagnosis and treatment options that will most benefit you. We will advise and inform you of the risks and benefits of these options to better educate you and your family as you make the final decision.

During your initial visit, your doctor may order some tests to help with your diagnosis to include an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, EMG, or blood test.

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    A downloadable patient packet is available for your convenience to fill out in advance of your visit.